We take you to the next level

We develop room for you to grow

The great thing about working at Sparkling Society is that there’s plenty of room for you to be yourself, to show what you’re capable of and to demonstrate  this in your work. Our team consists of a diverse mix of nationalities and skills. Embracing our diversity, we all have the same goal: to help our players flee from their busy lives for a minute and relax, just by picking up their mobile device.

As a company we focus on common goals, but we always leave space for you to try out things that have your personal interest; spontaneous ideas, long held wishes, or topics that caught your attention. For example, you can use 10% of your time at Sparkling Society to “jump off the common focus bus” and work on your personal projects.

We work hard & play hard
We have an international team that loves diversity
We are a Dutch company based in Delft, The Netherlands

We choose our own course

Lukas, product owner

‘I was working freelance for an app developer when I was asked to join a small team to create a game. I immediately got on board because developing games is what I love and what I’m good at.

That was the start of Sparkling Society and within the blink of an eye we accelerated into a fast-growing company. I loved the pace, grew rapidly in my role as a developer and am now a product owner. As a company we are independent in what we do, from the initial idea to creation to publishing a new game; it all happens in-house. And by the way, that ‘house’ is a pretty cool office.’

I know how to get others up to speed

Niels, teamlead & developer

My career took off from day one

‘I started here as an intern while studying Game Development at the Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht. And I’ve stayed ever since. I was able to take the step from developer to team lead in a short time. The nice thing about this role is that I can help out new colleagues to fit in while still having time for programming. Doing both makes me happy.’